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Tips for Improving AFL Betting Strategy

Whether you a novice punter keen to get started with AFL betting, or a novice who simply wants to improve their sports betting tactics, you will definitely benefit from our top tips for developing a reliable AFL strategy.

Since Aussie Rules Football is so overwhelmingly popular in Australia, there will always be amazing betting opportunities available to take advantage of during an AFL season.

Find the Most Suitable Online Sportsbook

Your first tip for developing an ironclad AFL strategy is to find the best online sportsbook. A simple search for online sportsbooks open to punters in Australia will yield an overwhelming number of results, but it’s important to remember that not all sportsbooks are worth your energy. When trying to decide on the best sportsbook, make sure to take a look at the range of betting markets, the variety of wagers, as well as bonuses and banking options.

If you’re comfortable which all of the aforementioned options, create an account in a few simple steps, make your first deposit and then claim your sign up bonus.

Know the AFL Market Inside Out

It must be said that you will not be able to develop an effective AFL strategy if you don’t know the sport like the back of your own hand. Don’t only focus your research on your favourite teams, but rather on the teams most likely to take the championship.

Check out sporting news online and in mainstream media, and take note of any up-and-coming athletes mentioned or any injury announcements that could affect an upcoming match up. If you’re keen on placing a wager on a big upcoming match, take a look at statistics of when these 2 teams last met and see what you can glean from past happenings, and ask yourself a couple of questions. What has changed since their last meeting? Who is currently the higher ranked team? Have there been any coach changes? You’ll be surprised what the answers to these questions might reveal.

Decide on a Betting Unit

A big part of establishing a successful AFL strategy is consistency. It makes no sense to place a couple of wagers for $15 and then all of a sudden place a wager of $300 because you think it’s a guaranteed win. This is not only a big mistake, but also a sure-fire way to watch your bankroll dwindle quickly. Money management is a big part of any sports betting strategy, and in order to make your bankroll last for the decided upon amount of time, be it a week or a month, you will have to decide on a betting unit.

Most veteran punters in Australia would advise new players to never place a single wager worth more than 5% of your total bankroll, as you should get between 20-22 wagers out of your bankroll to ensure that you are covering the vig or juice of the bookmaker. If you decide on a betting unit of $15, then your bankroll should ideally be $330, as creating a consistent betting unit will take you one step closer to establishing an AFL strategy.

Hopefully our top tips for creating an AFL strategy have helped you gain some insight into afl grand final betting success.

Stephen Thomas

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