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A Detailed Review of Butterflies Slot for Online Gamblers

Despite holding the licenses for big-name affiliations with DC Comics, Paramount and Activision, Amaya Software, the leader in electronic slots, also strikes gold with good paying,  independently themed games like Butterflies. While the sounds and incidental music of this game have erred on the side of the tranquil and minimalistic, the 3D graphics and animations are first rate, and are bright and colourful, as may be expected from the theme. The backdrop to the 5 reels is of a garden full of flowers, and the floral theme is carried through in the font used: the symbols animate whenever a winning combination is struck.

Turning Over the Leaves

Each spin of the reels will reveal combinations of the standard card symbols, the lowest-paid of these, running from 10 to Ace. As well as these, there are various butterflies, flowers, mushrooms, a jolly caterpillar, and a Butterfly House. When this last appears in reel 1, a butterfly emerges and lands randomly on other symbols, substituting for these: in other words, it is an animated Wild symbol, and can substitute for all except the Scatter symbol, an open flower. There is a useful Info button on screen which gives details of all combinations and payouts.

The game comes with the option of an automatic spin feature, of anything from 5 to 500 spins, if you wish to play multiple slots simultaneously, with notification sounds for wins and bonus triggers if these are activated. This is a free feature, and is great for busy players.

Accessing the bonus round also changes the background of the game from a daytime to a night time garden.

Bonus Round

The Bonus Round of Butterflies is known as the Wild Butterfly feature: this is triggered when the Butterfly House appears in reel 1, a butterfly is hatched, and it changes some of the other symbols in the other reels into Wilds. If you are fortunate enough to have 5 Wilds appear in a line, this will mean the top payout of 7000 coins, which is a big draw card of this game.

Stakes and Payouts

Butterflies gives a wide range of flexibility in terms of bets: these can range from 0.02 coins to 5 per line, with maximum bet across all 20 lines being 100 coins.  There is also the option of playing using virtual credit, which makes it great for first time players or those simply looking to unwind. All symbols pay from left to right, except for the flower “Scatter” symbol, and the combinations come up pretty regularly, so the game’s lack of a progressive jackpot does not mean a low return on your playing investments.

With the potential for big coin payouts, and an appealing package with a flexible range of options for placing bets, Butterflies should appeal to a broad range of players looking to make money on electronic slots. The game plays smoothly regardless of the user’s internet bandwidth, and the tranquil, muted graphics and gentle, minimalist sound effects mean that it can be played for hours on end, or in company, without ever causing fatigue and irritation.

Stephen Thomas

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