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Find out the Details about Live Roulette by NetEnt

Online gambling has grown enormously in popularity during the last decade or so, but there has been one area that it has fallen short of the thrills generated by the land based casino, and that is the fun and excitement produced by the people and gamblers around you. The convenience of online gambling is the drawcard to this form of playing games, and certainly the selfsame bonuses are offered that players in any land based casino enjoy, but the social experiences have been missing. That is, until recently.

A live online casino opens up a whole new aspect to online gambling. Live online casino games is like being in a real life casino. You are playing with a real live dealer, and you can interact and chat with the dealer and all the other players, all from your own home. You can also choose the camera angle to make sure you can see the wheel spinning in live roulette, and you can choose how much of the sound you like to hear. You can also control the quality of the streaming video images to suit your internet connection.

Live Casino Action via a Video Stream

Live roulette is one of the latest marvels of today’s online technology and is done via a video stream at online casinos. It will keep you on your toes for the entire playing period, and results and winners’ boards will be displayed to give you an interactive feel.

The communication and interaction you can have with the dealers and croupiers is a big advantage when playing live Roulette. You can choose from different dealers too. NetEnt live roulette pushes the boundaries of playing the form of internet roulette that most closely resembles roulette played in the real brick and mortar casino.

All the Same Bets can be Placed

NetEnt release Live Roulette during 2014, and the game very quickly became a favourite with all players. This game features a high quality interface with English speaking croupiers that will guide player through every aspect of the game.  NetEnt’s live Roulette features the standard form of roulette, with a single zero wheel, and there is a wide level of bets that players can place. All the regular inside and outside bets can be used, and the Racetrack wagers are easily placed as the Racetrack icon is found in the main screen.

The chip area is just below the table layout, and selecting one of the five chip values is one of the first things you need to do. The chips you select are placed on the bet sector you choose on the game table. You need to complete this process while the Place your Bets sign is active. The dealer then spins the wheel, and in seconds you will know whether you have been lucky or not. The camera zooms in on the wheel and the winning number will be highlighted on the right. On the left of the chip you will see the Game and sound settings and the information icons which will allow you to adjust the video and audio quality. You will also be able to check the Rules of roulette, and the Game History that contains all your previous bets. There is a total of six buttons on either side of the chip area, which have been designed to help players place their wagers quickly, and also to see what bets the other players have made. Hot and cold numbers can be seen on the right of the live feed.

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