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Mobile Video Poker Explained for Online Casino Gamblers

It’s a scene we all know from the movies: tough, weather-beaten gunslingers around a table in the saloon, eyeing each other suspiciously over the tops of their cards. The background music rises as the tension mounts, until one of the cowboys leans forward, spreads his cards on the table and says, “Gin!” Er, no, actually he doesn’t. That would make a pathetic cowboy movie; the only game that they could possibly be playing, as everybody knows, is poker.

In its hundreds of variations, some with the option to draw more cards, others that include the pool cards on the table in your hand, not to mention the intricacies of betting and bluffing, poker is the epitome of old-school gambling in the Wild West. No doubt some of that historical cachet is still what draws players to the more sedate, casino versions of the game, and it remains one of the most-played card games in the world, with its popularity continuing to increase.

With the advent of video poker the game was given a new and exciting twist in the 1970’s and players have since been flocking to enjoy an exciting alternative to the traditional game. Part of the reason for that is the boom in online casinos, which make video poker instantly accessible millions of people all over the globe. Now, mobile casinos are taking off just as successfully, so fans can experience all the fun of mobile video poker directly, via their smart phones, from practically anywhere.

Endless Options are Available

A quick glance online will reveal hundreds of mobile casinos to choose from; most also offer several variations of mobile video poker, allowing you to pick your favourite, Jacks or Betters, Deuces Wild, Double Double Bonus Poker whichever version you prefer, you’ll find a mobile site that caters to you.

There are plenty of free casinos that use credits, not real money, and allow you to play purely for the thrill of challenging the odds. If you do enjoy betting and winning real money, however, you’ll find just as many options to play mobile video poker for proper stakes. It really is up to you; as long as you have a smart phone and an Internet connection, your mobile casino game play options are almost limitless.

Mobile Video Poker Bonuses

Most mobile casinos offer welcome bonuses when you register; they also hand out frequent bonuses to existing players to encourage them to play more. These casino bonuses often include free play at mobile video poker; the casino gives you a free stake with which to bet, and you get to keep any winnings.

Of course, all promotional offers will come with terms and conditions; for instance, the mobile casino may insist that you place a minimum number of bets on mobile video poker using your free money before you are allowed to cash out any of your winnings.

So as always, it is important to read and understand these T’s and Cs properly before you play. But a player with registered accounts at a number of different mobile casinos will find that by picking the real money slots Australia offering the best bonus deals on any giving day, they can use these bonuses to extend their playing time on mobile video poker for longer, and stand to win more.

Stephen Thomas

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