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An Overview of Mobile Pai Gow Poker

A Rapidly Growing Social Poker Game

Now an integral part of the poker family, Pai Gow Poker was first devised by Sam Torosian in 1985, and is based on the Chinese domino game of the same name.  Characteristics of this relatively low risk game are that the rate of play is relatively slow, and whilst a game of skill, most hands need to be played in a designated manner. All players take on the same dealer together, though, and this makes for an entertaining, social experience.

The major drift towards mobile casino play has obviously affected all forms of poker, including Pai Gow. Surprisingly popular in this format, mobile Pai Gow poker is now provided at many mobile casino giants, and to great acclaim.

The Technicalities of the Game

Pai Gow Poker is played using a 53-card deck. This means the usual 52 cards plus one joker that is semi-wild and can be used as an ace or to complete any straight or flush. One rule that is sometime used, but not always, is that an A2345 straight is known as ‘the wheel’ and ranks as the second highest possible straight. Players are dealt seven cards, the dealer too. Each player then separates his cards into a five-card high hand and a two-card low hand. The high hand has to be of higher poker value than the low hand.

The mobile Pai Gow poker version, as can be seen, provides an easily suitable forum for this relatively simple casino game, since the following steps are fairly straightforward. The player and the dealer now compare cards, with the dealers’ cards arranged according to the house rules. The five-card hand is ranked according to conventional poker rules, while the two-card hand can only consist of pair at best, is generally ranked by the individual cards.

The dealer wins in the event of a tie. The pay out at Pai Gow, should the player win both hands, is even money. Should the player win one and lose one hand, then the bet is pushed, but since the draw favours the dealer, anything less in mobile Pai Gow poker signals a bet loss to the player.

Bringing the Joy to Everyone

Thanks to the invent of the internet players from all over the world can now enjoy high quality casino gaming like mobile Pai Gow poker from the comforts of their own home. This unbelievable achievement has connected players and their favourite games perfectly, now it is up to the players themselves to find the games that work best for them. This however is still an easy choice, despite the mass of variety, as the great game of poker pulls in even the most defiant of card gamers. With the high stakes and great gambling fun that mobile Pai Gow poker delivers, this game will continue to thrive and players will continue to flock for when a game is truly great, no shifts in time will change its popularity.

So for the final statements; there is much any fan of mobile Pai Gow poker can say about the game, but the game itself speaks loudest. So to those that have yet to try this casino marvel with the online pokies sites in Australia, do so now. Just a final tip; the addition of the joker to the mix increases the odds of success mightily.

Stephen Thomas

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