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Top Horse Racing Betting Tips For Today

Competition between online sports books and bookmakers provides horse racing punters with more choices and offers, all valuable to punters in some way. Knowing how to make the most of the incentives offered is obviously key to making the odds work for you. And the best way to begin the pedagogical journey is by understanding the basics of online horse racing betting. And the basics of online betting start with understanding the key principles of horse racing, and betting.

The options and choices that punters face when betting on the horses can seem overwhelming at best. This is why the horse racing betting tips for today is all about limiting the options and betting within some strict parameters. This will make sure that the winnings start happening, and fundamentally, this is really the key. A single bet is never going to make a fortune. A consistent winning technique, however, may just be the additional income needed to take life to a whole new level. Therefore, any self-respecting betting tipster will admit that horse racing betting tips for today are all about creating an environment for consistent winning.

Consistency is Key

The best horse racing betting tips for today state that in order to create proper consistency in betting and winning on the horses, punters should make sure that the horses they select are top of the range. The chances of a particular horse winning a particular race is based on the pari-mutuel wagering of the general public. Each horse in a race is given a rated price that looks like a TAB dividend but actually reflects the predicted chance of the horse winning. The shorter the price the higher its predicted chances. In order to ensure a positive winning ratio, and consequently success on the horses in a consistent manner, it is recommended that punters select horses with odds of 1/2 on or better. In this regard it is important to additionally consider the base ratings, the class based ratings and the consistency based ratings.

Horse racing betting tips for today, therefore, are linking consistency with thoughtful horse selection, including recent past form and even distance from the winner at the last outing.

Popular Races are Good Quality

The next of the horse racing tips for today is regarding the overall quality of the race to be wagered on similarly to AFL grand final bets has to offer. The higher the quality of the races, the more predictable they become. This is crucial for good horse racing betting consistency, because the past form is better disclosed and more consistent and because the horses are all trying harder to win the larger prize money on offer. Prize money on offer is an obvious indicator of race quality. Make sure risky races are eliminated, or not wagered upon.

Work the Percentages

Another factor to deeply consider for making consistently successful wagers on horse racing is the price. Different TABs pay different prices, and like any shopping, good horse racing betting tips for today will advise punters to shop around. The easiest solution is to have an account with an online bookie and use their Best Tote product. But the best of the horse racing betting tips for today is to know the percentages that are the key to winning. The reason for this is that when win betting you should bet in proportion to the win betting percentage chances. Basically this means betting more on win bets when the win chances are higher and less on win bets when the win chances are lower. Always make the percentages on good horses in quality races count in your favour.

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