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The Cricket Betting Conundrum

Cricket betting has been the leader in sports betting activity for a long time, and the format of the game was as guilty of contributing to the popularity of the game as was the addictive nature of the sport itself. Cricket matches lasted several days and there were so many aspects of the game to wager on that people flocked to sports books before and during the event.

In recent times, with the simultaneous advent of online sports books and an additional fresh format of the game has led to an even greater variety of cricket betting options. Firstly, the internet with ever greater online coverage and speeds, means unfettered access to online sports betting facilities for pretty much all New Zealanders.

Shorter is Sometimes Better   

In terms of the cricket betting aspects, these have naturally expanded in terms of variety with the advent of the shortened format of the game of T20 cricket. Developed as a sporting gameplay format around the turn of the century, this format of the game became an overnight success throughout the cricketing world. Quite naturally the levels of cricket betting surged throughout the cricketing world.

Sports betting sites catering to punters in England, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, South Africa, Australia, the West Indies and obviously New Zealand therefore cater to this massive audience. The diverse structure of game types means that cricket offers a broader wagering foundation than any other sport.

The Betting Variety and Depth

Cricket game types upon which people can bet, start with traditional test cricket, a five-day event of continuous action. There is also the ODI cricket format, which is held over a single day, and now, as mentioned, the even shorter T20 games, which are over within a few hours. Each game type has different betting options and styles. The sheer volume of cricket being played generates a colossal betting industry that is worth billions at the best cricket online betting NZ sites.

The cricket bets that players from New Zealand have at their disposal only start with the standard win, lose, or draw bets. This, however, extends so much further. Punters are able to wager on aspects such as individual scores, run rates, strike rates and wickets. In even greater depth, really specific issues such as the outcome of specific deliveries, the number of boundaries hit, the modes of batsman dismissals and even on the number of dropped catches.

The Sports Book Environment

New Zealand online sports book sites and bookmakers also extensively update and organise their cricket betting odds. This gives punters a reasonable range of odds offers, and this is the reason successful punters shop around for the best odds they can find.

The New Zealand online sports betting market excels in most areas. The security of the sites available is of the highest order, all sites have support staff catering to any problems, and extensive external audits that ensure that there are no nefarious deeds happening. Punters can really concentrate on the important issues like watching the games, assiduously following the player performances, injuries and form, and even noticing the changes in game ebb and flow to capitalise on the live cricket betting that is also available.

Stephen Thomas

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