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Real-World Prizes- Another Online Casino Incentive

As more and more people all over the world embrace technology to indulge in their favourite gambling pastimes, the online and mobile casino industry continues to grow apace. There are now hundreds of casinos online, attracting millions of customers from all over the globe, and as a result the industry is fiercely competitive.

Every online casino is looking for any extra incentive to give them an edge; they provide state-of-the-art security, easy registration, as many varieties of games as possible, constantly updated games with more impressive animations and sound effects, and games capable of playing on any device. The most successful and sustainable online casinos also focus on excellent customer service, and giving the punter extra value over and above any cash they might win. One of the most attractive developments, from a player’s point of view, is the rising incidence of real-world prizes as online casino incentives.

What are Real-World Prizes?

Real-world prizes have long been a feature of free casinos online. Many players enjoy games of chance purely for the excitement they provide, and are more interested in beating the odds than any cash that could be won. Free casinos cater to these players by allowing play for credits only; the player is assigned a certain number of credits when they register on a site, and they are paid any wins in credits too.

Even free casinos must compete for business, however, so they began offering extra incentives to attract players. Real-world prizes are the result; when a player racks up sufficient credits at a free casino, they become eligible for sweepstakes and lucky draws, which have cash and other real-value prizes for the winners. Real-money casinos, already incentivising players with welcome bonuses, free bet bonuses, progressive jackpots and regular promotional games for big money, have also begun adopting real-world prizes as part of their marketing and player-retention strategies.

Prizes in All Shapes and Sizes

There is an enormous variety of merchandise currently being offered as real-world prizes by online and mobile casinos. These range from low-end goods given away en masse, like vouchers at a coffee-shop chain, credits in an online taxi account, or tickets to a show, to high-value items that require rarer, bigger wins, like gaming consoles, gift hampers, smart phones, televisions and free trips to top resorts.

As many casino sites spread into interactive games via social media, the lines between free casino play and real-money play has blurred slightly. Depending on the devices they use and the games they prefer, it is possible for players to enjoy regular prizes, big or small, which offer a real-world reward, without having to bet their own money. Others will win real-world prizes over and above whatever money they win playing in real-money casinos. In both cases, though, there will be terms and conditions attached.

Some casino like River Belle Casino Canada, for example, allow players to play for free, but insist on some sort of minimum deposit before any prizes can be claimed. Players must be certain to read and understand any casino terms and conditions thoroughly before they commit to any offers involving real-world prizes.

Stephen Thomas

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