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Play Hi Lo Switch Pro for Free Online

Hi Lo Switch Pro is a simple card game that for years has been a big hit in land-based casinos. It’s made its way to the online casino arena, and although it isn’t yet as popular as blackjack or roulette it will soon be considered as one of ‘the’ games to play to make a quick buck.

There are hundreds of online casinos competing against each other for the support and loyalty of avid casino players, and in saying that most of them will then of course carry Hi Lo Switch Pro to ensure that they too hold as many and the most lucrative online casino games available.

How to Play Hi Lo Switch Pro

Hi Lo Switch Pro is an online casino card game and derives from the higher or lower card game. The player will be dealt 3 cards face up. Above each card will have ‘hi’ or ‘lo’ above and below it showcasing a winning figure should your prediction be right. Its then up to the player to decide whether the next card dealt will be higher or lower in value in comparison to the cards already dealt.

If you bet that the next card will be higher and its lower you would’ve lost the round, and vice versa. If your guess was accurate you would’ve won the round, and a new card will replace the card on which you’ve just won. With every 3 successful wins you will have 2 opportunities to swap out our cards again. It’s good to note that should the next card tie with one of the cards on the table you will lose that round too. Hi Lo Switch Prof has a return to player (RTP) percentage of around 97% which is above average. Players can expect winnings of a couple hundred, sometimes thousands for every correct selection.

You can play Hi Lo Switch Pro for free to try the game out before committing to real money bets, and once you’re convinced it’s a quick transition to play the real money game.

Hi Lo Card Values

The game is played with 3 full decks of cards that have been well shuffled. Each card has a value that depicts whether it’s a high or low value card. The Ace is counted as 1, and cards 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 are at face value, the Jack is counted as 11, Queen as 12, and the King as 13.

There is no set pay table for Hi Lo Switch Pro as the value of each bet selection changes and increases the more times you win consecutively. If you’re wrong on one of the predictions the game will start again.

If you play Hi Lo Switch Pro for free then you’ll walk away with loads of experience but won’t be able to claim any real money wins.

A Strategy Based on Luck

There’s no set strategy for this game. As with most slots games online in Canada the chances of winning really is almost always based on luck. One thing to note though is the odds. If your card value is between Ace to 6 then it’s almost always safer to guess that the next card will be ‘hi’. And if your card value is between 8 and King then players are more drawn to choose ‘lo’. 7 is a bit tricky though and practically directly in the middle so this selection will be based purely on luck and fate.

Stephen Thomas

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