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King Kong Slot Details for Internet Based Casino Players

Films are one of the main areas that video slots game developers draw their inspiration from and the classics genre more so than others. These offer developers like IGT a wonderful opportunity to reinterpret well-loved movies, and provide players with instantly recognisable symbols that are able to deliver fantastic real money wins.

King Kong, an IGT production, reinterprets the famous 1933 film, the one that features a giant ape run amok in New York after being brought to that city by an unwary film crew. This film is generally thought to be one of the classics of its era, and its re-emergence into popular modern-day culture by means of a real money slots game is something to be celebrated.

Setting for King Kong Online Slots by IGT

IGT has tried to stay as true as possible to the original King Kong film production in terms of atmosphere, and it manages to do so excellently. The background setting for the reels is that of New York City’s iconic skyscrapers by night, with huge search lights flashing intermittently on either side of the reels. These are framed by an art deco motif, rendering the overall setting a very convincing one, and players will instantly be transported back into the world as it was circa 1930.

The sound-effects and music are also inspired by the film itself, and the action is centred on the climax of the film, when King Kong has gone astray and the New York City police department is engaged in a frantic hunt for the dangerous monster. Fans of the iconic film will particularly enjoy this slots game, but it has been designed to induce admiration in even those who have no interest at all in any but the latest blockbusters.

Players Rescue New York City and Their Bankrolls

Although the stakes could be said to be high for King Kong –the salvaging of an entire city being one of player’s aims –IGT has ensured that any risks that the players are willing to take are able to reward them more than substantially if their rescue operation prove successful.

Like the majority of slots available to be played today, there are five reels available for King Kong online slots from IGT, and three symbols are displayed when these stop revolving. There are 25 fixed paylines for play, and this means that as soon as players have decided on how much they wish to wager per line, done by making use of the buttons provided along the bottom of the screen, play can begin. Bigger bets yield bigger wins when these occur, so it is always advised that players put their bankrolls to best use when engaged in this type of online slots play.

Players will be making use of the arrows provided in order to validate their settings and start King Kong play, and a mini-game is provided after each winning combination is revealed that allows them to increase their payout if they wish to. A correct guess during the gamble feature will double, or even quadruple, the player’s reward, but an incorrect estimation will forfeit it entirely, so it is vital that players are sure of these risks and rewards before taking advantage of this thrilling extra feature.

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