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Online Kajot Gaming Slot called Joker Strong

Online gaming in the passed decade has really taken off, with players around the world now able to connect easily and quickly to get involved in all the action. An industry that has seen particular growth as a result of this online connection is the casino gaming industry, with particular focus on the online slot games.

One such group that has contributed a fair few slots to the available pool is Kajot Gaming, and Joker Strong slot game is one of their creations. This is a classically themed slot, featuring many a fruit slot machine symbol on the reels and with some basic gameplay features and effects. There are a few bonus features included in this slot game, like Wild symbols and Scatter prizes. Overall this is a fun classic slot for all players looking for something familiar.

More About the Layout and Symbols

With a classic look Kajot Gaming designed Joker Strong to appear similar to those classic fruit machines found in the casinos of yesteryear. Therefore as can be expected, the game is fairly basic, featuring a standard, rather colourful backdrop as well as the more common slot machine sounds effects to accompany the spinning of the reels. The basic make up of the reels is that there are 5 of them, with 3 rows of symbols and 5 fixed pay lines. This means spinning is rather easy to follow since there are only a few pay lines, but with 5 reels there are still some serious wins to be garnered.

As far as the symbolism on the reels go, players can really already guess what this Joker Strong fruit slot game will hold. Fruits indeed, with the likes of cherries, lemons, oranges, plums and watermelons. There is also the classic jackpot symbol of the red sevens, which for 5 award the players 1000 times their wager. Definitely a symbol to look out for.

The betting in this game may not be as diverse as it could with the 5 fixed pay lines, but Kajot Gaming included a wager control so players can at least set the rough size of their wagers. There is also a retro looking pay table included, which has the rankings, and values of all the symbols in the game and can really make for quick and reliable reference during the game. Finally there is also an auto spin feature that enables players to set up a fixed amount of automatic spins that then don’t require attention and keep on keeping on.

Bonuses Included in Joker Strong Slot Game

See the bonus features of any slot game are quite important as they offer just a little something extra while spinning to make it all a little bit more exciting. With Joker Strong slot there are not too many bonuses, keeping true to their classic theme. However there is a Wild symbol which is represented by the green Joker symbol and can therefore substitute for other symbols and help the players form more winning combinations. There is also a Scatter bonus that when 3 or more are landed will reward player with an immediate cash prize, helping to keep the reels spinning for longer.

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